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Lovely, Funny Fat Lady demands you to emerge from the Fat Cabinet... now! Haha - yep yes its true - I is honest. So take me already? You will be that guy which will can't help but stare in the chubby girl with all the pretty face... you recognize... thewhich rocks the moves on the dance floor greater than everyone else... boobs jiggling in addition to thighs bouncing, she charms everyone in the room, knows her draught beer, andups people on random trivia... then you walk technique... like a not smart ass stuck using the thought.. "well she's awesome and cute... although... wait.. maybe.. nah.. just walk" - just to sit in any room later, ticking off everyof the girls you have had (or getting off thean individual took home) type disappointed that none of them stimulated you emotionally and also physiy. I'm not a type of weird "fat is normally beautiful - worship me for that discreet women Darien Connecticut goddess I feel gals, " I merely hate all that euphemisms, I like myself and that's all that genuinely mrs. I see a great number of of you (potentially cute) boys clamoring on casual encounters searching for girls like myself... so how about you recently admit that you wish to date one, stop the bs-ing and find on with the software?? Physical stats (because we all believe my personality is thething you care about): Now i am x'x and x/x, olive coloration, brown hair, brown leafy eyes, size x/x along with the junk matches typiy the trunk just great and dandy. I definitely don't appear to be a wildebeest - I'm simply not into the concept of some weirdos contemplating me on any T saying "Hey, When i saw you with C-List. " Style: I'm creative, clever mouthed, sassy, brassy... and I quite like the occasional alcoholic drink and grassy. (yes Now i am also a love that loves cats and puppies... and being some Stepford Wife for Training) I desire I was the x's pinup - so every so often - I'll garment like one... or merely kick back some beer and barbeque some Carne Asada -- Mexican Style. People: Be cute, possibly be creative, have some sass or a minimum of enough sarcasm and sweetness being playful (cats do not play with toys which might be limp), have several goals and dream, physiy - I am not picky.. I'm simply not into extremes concerning either end. A long time x-x... older as compared to that... you much better be pretty terrible exceptional or Joaquin Phoenix, az. Btw - My business is looking to time... I'm not purchasing thattimeframe - take our time... definitely... although no shady dreary area - FYI. One liner replies will likely be deleted, I took my time for you to write this - avoid being a lazy bum even if you've been burned by lots of C-List spam bots. If you you should not send a encounter picture, I probably isn't going to reply - if you... I will it's good to know send you mine in exchange, no questions questioned. **** Without a doubt... that is myself jumping off any cliff topless during my underwear on the end left corner - that's by domain flipping roll with my own rolls =), in addition to I cooked of which turkey. discreet women Darien Connecticut Opportunity Montana MT, Pascola Missouri MO, Vieira do Minho, Day Heights OH, Dublin Pennsylvania, Scipio Oklahoma OK, Bismarck Missouri, Tyndall AFB Florida FL


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